The Uselessness of Suffering

by Obsolete Sun

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released September 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Obsolete Sun Lake Elsinore, California

The unholy marriage between an abstract existence and the desire for absolute truth

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Track Name: This Carnal Scythe
Passive stimulation.
Spectacle aberration.
As the threshold exhausts, a thirst for violence boils over.

Unrestrained aggression.
Directionless contempt.
Desire destruction.
Morbid rage.

Residual effects of a survival instinct neglected.
Savagely anxious to scratch our primal itch.

Only upon this carnal scythe are we unified.
Track Name: Upper Hands
Apathy. Scraping along.
No real sense of identity.
You default to whats around you.

Those devices keep you in line.
Fear of diverging makes you benign.

The bottles you drain won't keep you alive.
The story of your place in life is a lie.

There's nothing more underneath flesh.
These bones are hollow.
Track Name: The Artifacts
A millions miles alone.
No exhibit of life has show.
Endless grains.
A still existence.
Suspended behind glass.
These scenes will shape the path.
Let them settle.
Pull them in.

Submerge beneath extra-physically.
Detach from time, being, and mind.
Ages off to return and unbind.
Track Name: Vagaries in the Mind of a Vessel on a Rock Drifting Through Space
This megalith that is time:
Unforgiving weight.
No matter my determination.
I can't relinquish my fate.

Weighted down from birth until death and beyond.
Desiring suspension by and above nothing.

This infallible loop and synchronicity.
My place is time is this: confined to eternity.
Track Name: The Eyes of Life
Empty vessels.
Following cues.
Believing themselves to have hatched these views.

You're sorely mistaken, its not for your sake.
This instinct exists to preserve your race.

Society misshapen by a force untamed.
The eyes of life have become our bane.
Track Name: Empire of Flesh
You melt my brain.
You're body is heavenly.
You're like water in a desert,
and I'm the vapors.

I love you heavily.
Track Name: The Crane
I got carried away.
I didn't understand what it meant to have this in my head.

This shape.
Unmistakably familiar to me.

You said one day you'd know.
Realize how much we've grown.
No longer be a ghost.

One blue midnight alone,
silently asleep.
Opposite of each.
Souls in peace.

Again, but in dream.
Track Name: Soil & Rock
Soil and rock have forgotten what it's like.
The land reflects in ourselves.
No hope for life to fall from the sky.

Down beneath the withering tree,
the jackal waits amongst the ash and the leaves.

Soil and rock have forgotten what it's like.
A gorge that devours souls.
A cave that brings far more sorrow than hope.

Watch the sky for insight.
The future is all but bright.

Watch the sky for insight.
The future is set to fall back into the dirt.